Vigil Island

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Vigil Island
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Bases to capture 1

Vigil Island is an island map which is played as king of the hill mode, where you have to capture the Airfield and hold it for 800 seconds. The map features 2 starting bases for each faction and the airfield which starts as a neutral, empty location.
Note that the Airfield is the only base that can be captured.
It can only host 2 faction matches.

This map's name and layout are references to the Battle of Wake Island and its appearances in the Battlefield series of first-person shooters.

Individual locations: Airfield, Leg SW, Leg SE, Leg NW, Leg NE.

Vehicles available: Jeeps, Quads, Transport Trucks, Spawn Truck, Armory Truck, APC, Tanks, Rubber Boats