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Hey can some one add the taser and tracer to this?

EOD Armor Description[edit source]

"At 100% Vest, +70% lethal hit chance from bullets. At 80%, +170% lethal hit chance from bullets. At 60%, +150% lethal hit chance from bullets. At 40%, +20% lethal hit chance from bullets. "

Those lethal hit chances are from your weapon? And some of these bonuses are way above 100% while others are below, are those typos or are they correct?

--- They are not typos, the increased lethal hit chances for it are there to put the vest in line with a vest II ballistic wise by making some leathal hits take out 2 layers. The lethal hit chance of the gun is calculated before the armor meaning that if rolls a hit it will add the bonus to it, but oddly only if the lethal hit is bellow 100% because of this hitting an EOD with a sniper rifle may take more hits then with a shotgun.... shotguns delete them.