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RWR Bot in IRC

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21:17 <PlayerName> rwr_bot do you smell?
21:17 <RWR_Bot> not as bad as you do!

17:18 <RWR_Bot> get off of me! you smell like human!

Besides random banter, RWR_Bot has some useful features in IRC. Some of these features are RWR related, and some are not.

Here are a list of commands (perhaps incomplete?)

!Server See which servers for Running with Rifles currently have players in them, and how much. It ONLY shows servers with 1 or more people - if nothing shows up, no one is playing online.

!Weather <city> Replace <city> with the name of a city you wish to look for For example, !weather Lenexa will result in a weather reading from Lenexa, Kansas. Note, if there are multiples of this city, sometimes the bot will need further clarification. (IE: "!weather Paris" will yield no result, but "!weather Paris,France (no spaces!) will give the readout)

seen <name> Replace <name> with the alias of the person whom you wish to look up. Puts out information about the last time RWR_bot has seen someone on the #RWR channel. Note, RWR_Bot tends to go offline around 20:00 (CEST), so anyone coming on while RWR_bot is offline will not register under the last seen time. Note, there is no exclatmation mark (!) symbol for this command. IE: seen Comjack