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Rwr pacific logo.png

RUNNING WITH RIFLES: PACIFIC, also known as RWR: PACIFIC, PACIFIC DLC or simply PACIFIC, is the first official DLC for RUNNING WITH RIFLES, released[1] on october 26, 2017.

RWR: PACIFIC brings the real-life World War II Pacific War theater into RWR by adding new weapons, equipment, vehicles as well as an authentic campaign - including 8 maps - and two new factions.

Not to be confused with RWR: EDELWEISS.

Features[edit | edit source]

Factions[edit | edit source]

RWR: PACIFIC introduce two brand new factions:

Maps[edit | edit source]

RWR: PACIFIC features 8 new maps (one of which were added later[2]), each one representing an island on which the Pacific War found its way.

Guadalcanal (island1)
Russell Islands
Russell Islands (island2)
Tarawa (island4)
Saipan (island5)
Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima (island6)
Peleliu Airfield

Weapons and equipment[edit | edit source]

Please find the RWR: PACIFIC weapons and equipment on this page.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Radio calls[edit | edit source]

Image Name Faction Description Required XP Price (RP) Delay (in s)
Hud barrage light mortar.png Light Mortar Barrage Both Fires eight mortar rounds, medium spread and duration 1000 120 7
Hud barrage rocket mortar.png Rocket Mortar Barrage IJA Fires five rocket mortar rounds, medium spread and duration 2000 200 8
Hud airstrike.png Rocket Airstrike Both Fires two rockets, light spread 2000 200 5
Hud airstrike1.png Precision Bombing Both Drops two bombs, high accuracy 3000 300 6
Hud barrage naval light guns.png Light Naval Artillery Both Fires 3 salvos of 8 light artillery rounds, high spread and long duration 4000 500 10
Hud barrage naval heavy guns.png Heavy Naval Artillery Both Fires 3 salvos of 2 heavy artillery rounds, high spread and medium duration 8000 700 14.5
Hud army.png Spawn US army squad USMC Spawns a squad of 10 soldiers and an officer at the nearest suitable base 1500 350 7.5
Hud banzai.png Spawn Banzai charge IJA Spawns a squad of 6 Banzai soldiers and an officer at the nearest suitable base 1500 300 7.5
Hud tank stuart.png Spawn M3 Stuart light tank USMC Spawns an M3 Stuart light tank at the nearest suitable base 4000 800 10
Hud tank hago.png Spawn Type 95 Ha-Go light tank IJA Spawns a Type 95 Ha-Go light tank at the nearest suitable base 4000 700 10
Hud tank lvt4.png Spawn LVT-4 Water Buffalo USMC Spawns an LVT-4 at the nearest suitable base 3000 800 10
Hud hoha.png Spawn Type 1 Ho-Ha IJA Spawns an Type 1 Ho-Ha at the nearest suitable base 3000 600 10
Hud katsu.png Spawn Type 4 Ka-Tsu IJA Spawns an Type 4 Ka-Tsu at the nearest suitable base 3000 850 10
Hud rubber boat.png Rubber boat drop Both Drops a rubber boat 3000 70 15

Valuables[edit | edit source]

Image Name Price (RP) Commonness
Hud whiskey bottle.png Whiskey Bottle 50 10
Hud cigarettes.png Cigarettes 40 25
Hud dollars 100.png 100 Dollars 100 3
Hud dollars 300.png 300 Dollars 300 1.5
Hud gem.png Gem 300 2
Hud painting.png Lona Misa 800 0.5
Hud suitcase.png Briefcase 200 6 (invasion 3)
Hud cigars.png Cigars 80 7
Hud lighter.png Lighter 70 8
Hud teddy.png Teddy Bear 250 2
Hud bible.png Holy Bible 200 1.5
Hud koran.png Holy Koran 200 1.5
Hud chewing gum.png Chewing Gum 50 8
Hud chocolate.png Chocolate 60 8
Hud razor.png Razor 50 4
Hud sheaths.png Willy Boy 40 3
Hud sheaths xxl.png King-Size Willy Boy 60 2
Hud playing cards.png Poker Cards 60 6
Hud dogtags.png Justin Beerbar Dogtags 2000 0.2
Hud record player.png Record Player 180 5
Sake hud.png Sake Bottle 60 15
Hud medal of honor.png Medal of Honor 350 2
Hud order of the rising sun.png Order of the Rising Sun 350 2
Hud postcard.png Postcard 60 15
Hud rum.png Service Rum 80 10
Hud photo1.png Photograph 40 10
Hud photo2.png Photograph 40 10
Hud photo3.png Photograph 40 10
Hud photo4.png Photograph 40 10
Hud photo5.png Photograph 40 10
Hud photo6.png Photograph 40 10

History and development[edit | edit source]

RWR: PACIFIC was first announced[3] on March 25, 2017. On May 30, 2017 the release date was officially announced[4] for August 4, 2017 but was ultimately delayed[5] to October 26, 2017[6].

On March 16, 2018, a new PACIFIC map named Peleliu were announced to be released one week later along new assets, usual bug fixes and improvements[7]. On March 23, 2018 18:00 PM GMT+1 the 1.64 update was finally released[8].

References[edit | edit source]