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Very little is known about RWR: EDELWEISS at this time of writing (August 21, 2019). The content of this page is then subject to regular changes.

Artwork of the EDELWEISS DLC announcement. An Sd.Kfz. 251 can be seen on the left

RUNNING WITH RIFLES: EDELWEISS, also known as RWR: EDELWEISS, EDELWEISS DLC or simply EDELWEISS, is the second official DLC for RUNNING WITH RIFLES, first announced[1] on september 24, 2018.

Like its counterpart RWR: PACIFIC, RWR: EDELWEISS will take place during World War II except it will focus on the Western Front. The background is described as "Allied Paratroopers fighting their way across Europe". It "will begin with the Allied airborne landings in Normandy, before moving on through the Netherlands and the Battle of the Bulge". Three new factions are announced: US, British, and Germans coming with new weapons, vehicles and abilities.

EDELWEISS is due for Q2 2020[2].

Early preview of an M4 tank
Early preview of a Panzer IV
Early preview of UKF infantry