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Welcome to Running With Rifles!

Running with Rifles is a top down/isometric shooter where you take on the role of a single soldier in the middle of a massive all out war between the Greenbelts, the Graycollars and the Brownpants. You are insignificant. You are no better than the man next to you. You are no god of war with regenerating health. You are just a soldier.

This handy handbook is the key to victory and success on the battlefield. While at a first glance RWR seems like an easy game to play and understand, there is actually quite a lot of depth and complexity to the gameplay that can easily frustrate or confuse new players. However, after reading this handbook, you should have a much better understanding of RWR.

This guide should help with any questions and issues you have and improves your chance of survival from 0% to at least 5%.

RWR handbook cover.png

Getting started[edit | edit source]

When you start up the game, you will find yourself in the lobby/playground area, which is basically a small map without any enemies. You can toggle the menu on and off with the ESC key. Doing so will allow you to use The Playground, which contains some basic tips and allows you to familiarize yourself with the way the game works. To start/resume a quick game/campaign, you need to have the menu opened (ESC).

The lobby has a stash and an armory that you can interact with. There is also a jeep that you can drive. On the top of the main building there are 2 crates. You may want to climb the ladder and smash the crates with your knife (default key "V") and pick up the items inside. Note that you are only a private (see Ranks) so that you might not be able to pick everything up (default key "F") directly as they are rank restricted. So when you are near those grayed out objects, hold the F-key to open your inventory and drag and drop this stuff into the backpack section of the inventory.

The Playground allows you to do some basic tasks that will allow you to gather some xp, which in turn will let you use more of the equipment found in the aforementioned crates and in the armory. You can also read some tips scattered around this area.

You can then go to the armory and sell your stuff. You may also want to go to the stash and pick up a valuable and sell it to the armory in the event that you need more resource points to buy equipment.

When you leave a campaign or a quick match, you will automatically come back to the lobby with the Playground loaded.



Singleplayer[edit | edit source]

Campaign[edit | edit source]

The campaign in RWR is a series of Invasion type maps where you conquer the continent one map at a time. Each map has you starting with only one base and having to advance through either Graycollars or Brownpants resistance, or sometimes even both at the same time.

After defeating a map, you can choose the path to go and so choose your next map from any adjacent map that is logically connected with a dashed line in the worldview (see Mapview). During the campaign, all XP, RP, and equipment are tracked throughout. You can also turn a singleplayer campaign into a campaign online through local hosting at any time by activating a server by pressing ESC>Activate server. Note: Remember to forward the port that is shown when activating your server !

Quick Match[edit | edit source]

To jump right into a simple single player game, just select “Start new quick match” from the main menu. Unlike the campaign, you can adjust your settings freely, such as maximum numbers of bots, your starting rank, etc. The other point that differs it from the campaign is that once played online, players can join either team they want, which makes it suited for PvP sessions.

Multiplayer Joining[edit | edit source]

To join an ongoing multiplayer game, simply head to the main menu and hit “Join online game”. You will then be presented with 2 options: “Public server list” or “Manual IP”.

Public Server List[edit | edit source]

The public server list is a server browser that shows the open servers that are online. Simply double click a server, select a username, faction, enter a password and initial rank, and hit “Start!”. If you can't join a server, it might either run an obsolete version of the game or the host didn't forward the UDP port required (default port: 1234)

Manual IP[edit | edit source]

To connect via a direct connection using an IP address, select “Manual IP”, enter the address and port of the host server, select a username and password, a faction, initial rank, and hit “Start!”.

The server list is mainly for open games that anyone can join. Therefore, if you wish to play with a few select friends only, when hosting, choose not to advertize the server on the server browser and connect via manual IP.

Multiplayer Hosting[edit | edit source]

Hosting a multiplayer is as easy as setting up your own quickmatch game or campaign as shown previously, hitting “ESC” to get to the main menu, and then hitting the “Activate server” button.

  1. Port number. **Please ensure this port is properly forwarded!
  2. Your username. This will show up on the browser as the server name.
  3. If you wish to make a public game, select yes. For private matches, select no.
  4. Start the match.
  5. Back to main menu.

Once you hit “Start!” the server will be open for connections. If people are having issues connecting with your server, please check to make sure that the port is properly forwarded. We will not go into details about how to do this. To get instructions on port forwarding, please do a Google search or check the manual of your router.

Movement and Shooting[edit | edit source]

Congratulations! You are now smack dab in the middle of a fight. Now what? The first thing you should learn is how to navigate the open terrain and shoot those damn *insert other color here* soldiers. Please note that all of these key bindings are default. You can change them to your liking in the “Options” menu.

Movement Key Bindings[edit | edit source]

The keys shown are the default controls, which can be re-bound. See the controls page for more.

Manual keyW.png Basic Movement Keys
Manual keyA.pngManual keyS.pngManual keyD.png
Manual keyCtrl.png Crouch
Manual keyC.png Crouch Toggle
*For prone and toggle prone, they are by default bound to ALT and Z, respectively.
Manual keySpace.png Vault Wall / Climb Ladder / Respawn / Enter and Exit Vehicle
Manual keyShift.png Walk

Shooting[edit | edit source]

Manual LMB.png Shoot
Manual keyG.png Throw Grenade Towards Cursor
   * The further your cursor is from your character, the further the grenade will go
Manual keyV.png Knife
Manual keyH.png Strike Call Radio (Hold)   * A small red circle will denote the place where strike will fall on.
Manual keyF.png Pick up Weapon or Equipment
Manual keyB.png Switch Between Primary weapon slot and Secondary (Weapon/support) slot (e.g. between M16A4 and M72-LAW) *NOTE: Q is the default key now*

Inventory, Armory and Stash[edit | edit source]

UI[edit | edit source]

The UI in RWR is kept relatively simple, so that the player's screen isn't occluded with UI elements.


Ui 1.png Primary weapon slot
Ui 2.png Secondary weapon/Support item slot
Ui 3.png Throwable item slot
Ui 4.png Wearable item slot
Ui 5.png Radio device - grayed out until you reach Corporal rank. The green dots below show which calls are available
Ui 6.png Name of the base you are actually in
Ui 7.png Capturing sector force bar (see Capturing Sectors)
Ui 8.png Squad icon - the first number shows the number of soldiers in your squad and the second the number of max soldiers your squad could have
Ui 9.png if a red cross is visible, it means there is at least one soldier with a Medkit as a secondary item

Inventory[edit | edit source]

When you access the inventory, you will see a tree-like window centered on your soldier. It mainly consist into 3 containers, which has been highlighted in 3 different colors to make it easier to visualize.
To interact within the containers you can either drag&drop items from a container to an other or press the mouse buttons.
LMB an item will equip it, no matter if it is in the world container or backpack.
RMB on an object which is in your equipment into the backpack, RMB on an object which is in your backpack will move it into the world container (e.g. on the ground, stash or armory in case you are interacting with those).
Holding Ctrl allows you to move a single item in/out of a stack.


Hold Manual keyF.png (by default) to call the inventory

Ui 1.png "World container": it shows the items lying around your soldier OR in the armory/stash if the solider stands next to them
Ui 2.png Equipment: here are the directly useable items shown
Ui 3.png Backpack: here are the items that are in your backpack shown
Ui 4.png this row shows the primary weapons in each of the 3 containers
Ui 5.png this row shows the secondary weapons/items in each of the 3 containers
Ui 6.png this row shows the throwables (i.e. grenades) in each of the 3 containers
Ui 7.png this row shows the wearables in each of the 3 containers
Ui 8.png this row shows the valuables in the containers "world" or "backpack". Valuables Can not be stored in the equipment
Ui 9.png shows your actual experience and resource points
Ui 10.png

shows the percentage of encumbrancy.
If it exceeds 100%, you will see a backpack attached to the soldier's back. The soldier's accuracy will be highly reduced as well as the movement speed. Accuracy decrease concerns only hitscan weapons, the projectile weapons are not affected.

Backpack soldier.png
encumbrancy >100%

Armory[edit | edit source]

Armory is a facility where the players can buy or/and sell weapons, valuables, vests, equipment, etc. In the game its function is most similar to a shop.

The currency used at the armory is RP or Resource points. In the armories, the player can sell any kind of items, but can ONLY buy those weapons that belong to his own faction as well as those enemy weapons that are already unlocked for the same faction.
There is usually one armory every two bases.

Stash[edit | edit source]

Stash is a storage place for all kinds of items, vests and weapons like duplicates of rare weapons, weapons which can not be used currently due to their higher XP requirement, various support equipment like medkits, explosives like C4, etc. and all other stuff that can be picked up at some later stage, if and when needed.

It's wise to place some extra equipment into the stash for a later use, in the event that you are not close to an armory but near to a stash. Items that you have stored to the Stash are saved and can be accessed through every stash within a map and are also available between rounds in a Singleplayer campaign or Online invasion.

A stash can contain a maximum of 255 items in total but only 120 different types of items are shown. The content of the stash is server specific and not carried over between servers unless you play on an official invasion server, which share the profiles (and saved items) between each other.

Some Stashes are near armories while some other are located near the bases where there are no armories.

Health system[edit | edit source]

The health system in RWR is not the usual one most might be used to from many other shooters as you don't "take damage" in the traditional sense.
In fact, every bullet can kill at any moment. You don't have a health bar or any other indication that you've been hit for that matter (until you're dead, that is).
Every weapon has a different kill probability which is around 50% for assault rifles but can be up to 100% for some precise weapons like sniper rifles, e.g. if those hit you, you are dead.

However, there is an armor type item in-game that comes a bit closer to a health-point system - a vest (to be more specific, the Vest Type II is used in this example).

It gives you the ability to survive 3 lethal shots, each shot bringing its own consequences and damaging the vest. These vests can be bought at the Armory. Vests can also be worn by some AI soldiers - Vest Type II(hey, give them some fun too!) and by Elite soldiers(Officers) - Vest Type III. Vest Type III can be obtained by knifing enemy Elite soldiers(Officers) and the stabbed enemy will drop a vest down to 60% or can be found in a secret crates(unscathed). A vest icon is shown to the right of the grenade slot. You can recognize a vest-carrier by a darker vest model around his torso like on the picture below:

Soldier novest.jpg
Soldier without vest
Soldier vest.jpg
Soldier with vest

In the table below those 3 stages of the vest status are listed below:

Hud vest.png The vest is pristine, no shots have been LETHAL toward you yet. In the case that you do get hit by a LETHAL bullet, the vest will absorb the bullet as if nothing had happened. Of course, this does damage it, and if you get shot by a lethal bullet again, there will be consequences.

Hud vest hole1.png This vest has absorbed ONE lethal bullet, and is slightly damaged, so the NEXT TIME you get hit by a LETHAL bullet, it will only protect you enough so that you escape unharmed, but as a consequence you will be stunned in pain on the ground for a few seconds, unable to move and very vulnerable to more shots, but if you can get up then you are alive if you manage to get away without being shot again. However, the vest will be damaged even more, and with that comes even more consequences.

Hud vest hole2.png

This vest is torn up, and will only be enough to protect against ONE more LETHAL bullet. Even so, the vest will be so damaged that it can only stop you dying and instead, inflict you with a wound, where you'll be unable to move, like being stunned and the vest will be completely destroyed.
There are at least 3 ways out of this:

  • die from bleeding after 60 seconds
  • die from a stray lethal shot, by a knife attack or by another reason
  • make it out alive, from an ally healing you with a medkit

Wounded soldier.png
Wounded soldier
Healing process.png
Healing process

Objectives and game modes[edit | edit source]

Objectives[edit | edit source]

For most maps, the ultimate objective of RWR is to capture the entire map. This is done by capturing the sectors shown in the map. The sectors shaded by your faction's color belong to you already.

On King of the Hill type maps (Power Junction and Vigil Island), the objective is to capture the central base (which is a neutral zone at the beginning of the match) and hold it non-stop for the required amount of time. If the enemy faction take the "hill" back, the countdown timer will be reset.

Capturing Sectors[edit | edit source]

Capturing sectors is achieved by having more than 66% of the total troop count in the capture zone as denoted by a dashed square on the map for each sector (see image "capture zone example" below). As a sector is being captured, a timer will count down from 10 to 0 with an audible beeping sound. However, the last sector of the map will take 30 seconds to capture rather than the standard 10. If the countdown timer is interrupted (you suddenly have less than 66% of the total troop count), the timer will stop and restart next time you get more than 66% again. The 66% mark are denoted by a vertical stroke (see image "capture force example"). If the black square is outside those vertical stroke, then it means that there are more than 66% of the forces of a faction inside the capture zone. In the specific example below, we have around 80% of the troups being the Graycollars, so that the timer is ticking down (6 seconds left to go before the base is captured by the attacking faction)

  • Capture zone example

Capture zone.jpg

Since version 0.99.5 you can see the red target crosshair marker on top of your capture force bar when you are inside an enemy capture zone. On the other hand, you'll have a blue shield marker when you are inside an allied capture zone. This makes it easier for you to know if you are inside that zone than having to look at the map.

  • Capture force example

Capture forces.jpg

  • Capture base reward

Capturing a base gives an RP reward to every soldier inside that zone depending on how much time the base was under enemy control. If the base was under enemy control for 1 minute or less, 0 RP is rewarded. If the base was under enemy control for 10 minutes or more, 150 RP is rewarded. If the base was under enemy control for between 1 and 10 minutes, the RP reward is scaled linearly between 0 and 150, For example, you'll receive 60 RP for capturing a base that was under enemy control for 4 minutes, 120 for 8 minutes, etc.

Side Missions[edit | edit source]

Capturing bases can be tough. There are a few, optional missions you can attempt on the side to help even the odds...


Be the eyes of your faction, perched up on rooftops or hidden deep in enemy territory. Spot vehicles and structures that will appear on the map for your whole team. Also gives a certain amount of RP.


These targets of opportunity provide strategic abilities to the owning faction, and gives a certain XP and RP awards when destroyed:


Targets that will grant a one-time influx of 20 prisoners of your faction as a extra units upon their destruction:


  • stealing and delivering cargo trucks unlocks an extra weapons or equipment
  • sell these items to an armory to improve your faction's arsenal:
  • enemy's stock weapons
    • to unlock an enemy stock weapon for your own faction, bring five pieces of a particular model to an armory

The unlocked weapons ends of stock after 4 hours. To re-unlock them you must repeat the same procedure.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

There are 8 game modes ingame right now: Quick Match, Invasion, Classic, Dominance, Minimodes, Teddy Hunt, Team elimination and Deathmatch.

  • Quick Match is the "sandbox" standard game mode where all stock weapons are unlocked and players are free to join whichever faction they like. The rank which you start with can be set freely. In this mode you can capture any base you want as there are no restriction rules. This mode in online can only be hosted as a client server.
  • Classic is similar to Quick Match but has a few more defined rules like round timers and a map rotation. On most server it is also set that you can only capture 1 base (server admin can customize that) to avoid backdooring and base capture rotation. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.
  • Invasion is a coop campaign type game mode where everyone joins the same faction: Brownpants (as of 1.5). In the join server menu, you will be defaulted to Graycollars no matter what. Along with this game mode being coop, there are a couple major differences from the standard quick match, such as specific side missions. Another difference is that the XP progression is around 73% slower and your progression throughout the campaign is persistent (XP/RP/stash content). There is also an official invasion server realm consisting in a few servers which share the profile with each other so that you can play on one of them and switch to another one and continue with the same progression. Invasion can either be hosted as a client server (start campaign and activating your game online for others to join) or as dedicated server.
  • The Dominance mode is a modified version of Classic focusing more on persistency and slower progression, similar to Invasion in that regard. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.

Main features:

1) Persistent profiles: when you leave the match, you'll still have the equipment/XP/RP/stats you had when you join again
2) FoV is enabled on default which means you won't see the enemies/items/vehicles when your soldier doesn't have a direct visual line of sight to them 3) Overall/Match stats (on the scoreboard (default F1), you can switch between them by pressing the top banner)
4) No death penalty (No XP lost)
5) Lower equipment requirement for most items
6) Max amount of AI soldiers under your control is 4 (instead of 10 in other modes)
7) No elites, no valuables drops and no rare weapons
8) Killing a bot gives you 2XP+1RP, killing a human 20XP+20RP, capturing a base up to 50RP. Spotting and destroying of vehicles give less reward than in invasion
9) Max time a map lasts is 30 minutes. If noone won after the time ran out, the faction with the most bases will be victorious
10) extended single base capture system where sometimes you have more than one base that can be captured at time, the main objective which is the bigger red marker and optional smaller red markers. The AI commander will only target the main objective but players are free to choose which base to capture
11) Some maps have bases left out to keep the fighting territory smaller

  • In Minimodes, a map consists in having different sub-stage modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Team Teddy Hunt, King of the Hill, Delivery (not yet), Target (not yet). The sub-stages are usually 2-3 bases, keeping the playfield tight. Leaving the battle zone is not possible as there is a death-zone around the sub-stages. In minimodes the match starts only when a set number of humans join, default being 2. There are also a few bots but those will vanish once there are enough people in. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.
  • Teddy Hunt is a variance of Capture the flag. You have special crates somewhere on the map (the commander will indicate you roughly where it is) that need to be destroyed and a teddy bear will be dropped. These will need to be sold at an armory (or mobile armory) to make your team score. The enemy team(s) need to do the same and also prevent you in doing so. The special crates are defended by the Teddy Guardians, an AI faction.

The winner of the round is the faction who delivered the most teddies. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.

  • In Team elimination, your goal is to either annihilate the entire enemy team or to destroy the enemy Comms truck. In this case, your team will score and a new round will start. There are NO bots in this mode, it's pure PVP and FoV is enabled on default (you only see enemies/vehicles when you have direct vision to them, e.g. you won't see an enemy if there is a building between you and him). When you die in this mode you won't be able to respawn until the round has ended. You will have an extended view to be able to see what your team mates are doing. There is only one map so far which has been specifically designed for this game mode. This game mode can only be hosted throughout a dedicated server. The server starts in a warmup phase and the real match starts after you type "/start" in the chat.
  • In Deathmatch, the goal is self explanatory. You score for each kill you achieve. You can change your appearance by changing your "costume" at an armory. If you respawn, the server will choose a spawnpoint where there is no enemy around. There are NO bots in this mode, it's pure PVP. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.
  • Man vs World is a purely single player campaign in which the player is the sole soldier. The player has to capture all of the bases in the map in order to progress to the next map. Permadeath is enabled for both the player and AI. However, the player is able to sustain 10 shots before dying. There is also a veteran mode in which fov(field of view) is enabled.

Weapons and equipment[edit | edit source]

Primary (stock) weapons are the weapons available in Armory (including the unlocked ones) with which the soldiers respawns.
If the soldier dies, he will respawn with the same stock weapon/secondary equipment from his own faction/or with some other stock weapon/equipment that is already unlocked for the faction.
Common soldiers always spawn with an unlocked primary weapon with unlimited ammunition.
On death, the dropped stock weapons/equipments stay on the ground for 45 seconds, then disappears.

Rare weapons are used by Elite soldiers (Officers) instead of the usual pool of faction's specific stock weapons used by common soldiers.
On death, rare weapons are always dropped (except due to death caused by teamkilling) and stay on the ground for 90 seconds (compared to 45 seconds for the stock weapons/equipment and 120 seconds for the valuables/armor), then disappears.

Keep in mind that if you die with a rare weapon or with a weapon that is no longer available at Armory, you'll respawn with a random stock weapon.
Unlike the stock weapons, rare weapons cannot be unlocked by selling 5 pieces of type to an armory!

Secondary weapons/support equipment have some kind of limitation. Bazookas have only one shot. Silenced pistols have unlimited ammunition but a very low chance to kill (compared to stock weapons) unless you are undetected.

Throwables are the grenades/mines/explosives that can be thrown/planted with the grenade key (default G). The number you can carry is determined by your rank.

Mounted weapons are fixed emplacements that cannot be moved. Some are built from player's equipment, some other are mounted on vehicles/structures.

Armor (vest) is the decisive factor in how you handle the bullets. It has a few layers that reduce the damage you take, thus providing you protection. Requires no button presses to be active.

Equipment (as sandbags, MGs, TOWs) is deployable and will remain there unless it is destroyed. Can be used by friends and foes.


  • Most weapons affects player's speed - you will run slower with a sniper rifle than with a shotgun
  • Unlockable weapons are available after completing a certain tasks (delivering Cargo Trucks, selling Briefcases and Laptops at Armory)
  • All the enemy's primary stock weapons can be unlocked by selling 5 pieces of the particular type to an Armory. Once unlocked, the weapons will be available at Armory for 4 (four) hrs, then they will disappear and the procedure must be repeated for subsequent unlockment!
  • All kinds of weapons, equipment and items can be obtained by:
    • purchasing from the Armory
    • swapping out of the Stash
    • picking up one lying on the battlefield
    • breaking one of the crates that can be found in most places on the map

Table explanation
Chance, probability and likeliness may be used interchangeably. „Round” is slang for bullet.

  • Image; Name; Type - exactly what you think.
  • Faction - which faction's armory this spawns in.
  • Price - cost to buy or sell the weapon/equipment/item.
  • Magazine size - bullets fired before reloading.
  • Fire rate - rounds (bullets) per minute (number of bullets the weapon would fire for a minute at an infinitely large magazine).
  • Accuracy factor (higher is better) - the chance that the bullet will hit the target if properly aimed (and at a green crosshair). E.g.: 1 is always, 0 is never.
  • Recoil (lower is better) - the amount of accuracy decreasing by every second during firing.
  • Recoil recovery (higher is better) - the amount recoil is reduced for every second during which the weapon does not shoot.
  • Kill probability (higher is better) - the chance that the bullet will kill when it hits someone (and at a green crosshair). E.g.: 1=100%; 0.5=50%
  • Fall-Off Start (higher is better) - optimal distance for accurate shooting. Falloff is the max range where weapons retain 100% of their effective kill chance. Distance beyond falloff will have a gradual linear decrease in kill probability until it hits 0 at max range. E.g.: one way to measure is that the tanks are approximately 10-12m. long. One screen distance is approximately 30m.
  • Max range (higher is better) - the maximum distance for a weapon to be able to kill, once the bullet reaches max range, it will have 0% kill chance
  • Speed modifier (higher is better) - affects the movement speed while the soldier is currently holding the weapon/equipment in his hands. Speed modifier for body armor being worn is stacked with speed modifier for equipment a soldier is holding.
  • Commonness - the chance that the weapon will be spawned when a soldier die instead of the weapon he was using.
    Unrelated to weapon's performance.

Primary weapons[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Faction Price (RP) Magazine size Fire rate (RPM) Accuracy factor Recoil Recoil recovery Kill probability Fall-off Start(m) Max range(m) Speed modifier(%) Commonness
Hud m16a4.png M16A4 Assault rifle, full-auto Greenbelts/ Unlockable 2 30 531 1 0.34 1.4 0.5 34 67 -3.6 0.2 (70%)
Hud g36.png G36 Assault rifle, full-auto Graycollars/ Unlockable 2 30 545 1 0.36 1.38 0.5 35 70 -1.8 0.2 (70%)
Hud ak47.png AK47 Assault rifle, full-auto Brownpants/ Unlockable 2 30 488 1 0.4 1.2 0.55 33 68 -2 0.2 (70%)
Hud l85a2.png L85A2 Bullpup assault rifle, 3-round burst Greenbelts/ Unlockable 10 30 632 1 0.35 1.4 0.55 36 66 -3 0.0003 (0.07%)
Hud famasg1.png FAMAS G1 Bullpup assault rifle, 3-round burst Graycollars/ Unlockable 10 25 750 1 0.32 1.4 0.55 37 65 -2 0.0003 (0.07%)
Hud sg552.png SG 552 Assault rifle, semi-auto Brownpants/ Unlockable 20 30 600 1 0.32 1.4 0.57 33 68 0 0.0003 (0.07%)
Hud aks74u.png AKS-74U Assault rifle, full-auto Rare / Secret crate 100 30 612 1 0.6 2.5 0.6 38 52 0 0.0005
Hud f2000.png F2000 Bullpup assault rifle, full-auto Rare 100 30 545 1 0.25 0.8 0.58 45 75 -4 0.0006
Hud xm8.png XM-8 Assault rifle, full-auto Rare 100 30 545 1 0.28 1.0 0.55 42 75 -4 0.0004
Hud aug.png Steyr AUG Bullpup assault rifle, full-auto,

1.3x zoom, high-velocity

Rare 180 42 488 1 0.36 1.0 0.55 45 75 -4 0.0002
Hud p90.png P90 Bullpup submachine gun Rare / Secret crate 100 50 857 1 0.58 3 0.57 32 44 0 0.0005
Hud mp5sd.png MP5SD Submachine gun, silenced Greenbelts/ Unlockable 4 30 652 1 0.7 2.2 0.4 23 38 0 0.00001
Hud scorpion-evo.png Scorpion Evo III Submachine gun, silenced Graycollars/ Unlockable 4 30 800 1 0.68 2 0.36 22 36 0 0.00001
Hud qcw-05.png QCW-05 Bullpup submachine gun, silenced Brownpants/ Unlockable 4 50 706 1 0.62 2 0.35 22 35 0 0
Hud kriss vector.png KRISS Vector Submachine gun, silenced Rare 250 25 845 1 0.82 3.0 0.42 28.6 44 0 0.0001
Hud honeybadger.png AAC Honey Badger Assault rifle, 3-round burst, silenced Gift Box 390 30 800 1 0.38 1.3 0.45 34 52 -2 0 (Found in Gift Boxes)
Hud m240.png M240 Medium machine gun Greenbelts/ Unlockable 2 100 723 0.57 0.8 0.8 0.65 35 70 -10 0.05 (16.6%)
Hud imi negev.png IMI Negev Light machine gun Graycollars/ Unlockable 2 100 779 0.58 0.8 0.8 0.65 37 71 -8 0.05 (16.6%)
Hud pkm.png PKM Light machine gun Brownpants/ Unlockable 2 150 652 0.48 0.8 0.8 0.63 35 70 -6 0.05 (16.6%)
Hud stoner lmg.png Stoner LMG Light machine gun Rare / Secret crate 160 80 600 0.71 0.8 0.8 0.6 35 75 -7 0.0003
Stoner62.png Stoner 62 Light machine gun, full-auto, 1.4x zoom Rare 450 20 652 0.85 0.5 1.2 0.7 48 90 -6 0.00002
Hud ares shrike.png ARES Shrike Light machine gun,

6 round burst

Gift Box 300 60 705 0.8 0.2 1.4 0.57 38 70 -7 0 (Found in Gift Boxes)
Hud pecheneg bullpup.png Pecheneg Bullpup Bullpup machine gun, 1.2x zoom Rare 430 150 545 0.8 0.7 1.4 0.7 42 90 -8 0.00005
Chainsaw.png Chain SAW Light machine gun, full-auto, silenced Rare 550 150 1200 0.5 0.8 0.8 0.46 30 72 -42 0.00005
Hud m60e4.png M60 Machine gun Gift Box 700 100 600 0.725 2.5 1.15 0.71 35 65 -11 0 (Found in Gift Boxes)
Microgun.png WB-II Microgun Heavy machine gun Rare 800 200 1875 0.5 1.5 0.7 0.5 25 60 -45 0.00004 (0,0039%)
Hud mg42.png MG42 Machine gun Very rare 1200 150 1200 0.7 0.2 0.9 0.62 35 75 -12 0.00001 (0,00074%)
Hud mossberg.png Mossberg 500 Shotgun, pump-action Greenbelts/ Unlockable 2 8 120 0.6 2 0.6 0.6x5 21.5 25.8 0 0.02 (14.2%)
Hud spas-12.png SPAS-12 Shotgun, pump-action Graycollars/ Unlockable 2 8 120 0.58 2 0.6 0.62x6 21.6 26.1 -2 0.01 (7.1%)
Hud qbs-09.png QBS-09 Shotgun, semi-auto Brownpants/ Unlockable 2 10 150 0.59 2 0.6 0.59x5 19.8 27.5 0 0.01 (7.1%)
Hud uts15.png UTS-15 Bullpup pump-action shotgun Uncommon / EOD specific 20 14 120 0.65 2 0.6 0.65x6 23 27.5 -3 0.004
Hud ns2000.png Neostead 2000 Bullpup pump-action shotgun Rare 100 10 120 0.7 2 0.6 0.7x4 31.5 36 0 0.0005
Hud pepperdust.png Pepperdust Pump-action shotgun, stun effect, silenced Rare 100 15 120 0.7 2 0.6 Stun 0.65x10 28 40 +6 0.0006
Hud benelli m4.png Benelli M4 Shotgun, semi-auto Rare / Secret crate 100 12 180 0.7 2 0.6 0.65x5 23.5 30.1 0 0.0006
Hud benelli m4 supp.png Benelli M4 suppressed Shotgun, semi-auto, silenced Rare 200 8 180 0.68 2 0.8 0.6x5 20.7 26.1 0 0.0001
Hud aa-12.png AA-12 Assault shotgun, full-auto, full magazine reload Rare 150 20 240 0.8 0.6 0.6 0.5x3 30 40 0 0.0004
Hud jackhammer.png Jackhammer Shotgun, full-auto, full magazine reload Rare 350 10 240 0.9 0.7 1.4 0.6x3 32 50 -4 0.0001
Hud m24a2.png M24-A2 Sniper rifle, bolt-action, 1.6x zoom Greenbelts/ Unlockable 4 10 N/A 1 3 0.5 1 55 80 -7 0.01 (2.3%)
Hud psg90.png PSG-90 Sniper rifle, bolt-action, 1.6x zoom Graycollars/ Unlockable 4 10 N/A 1 3 0.5 1 55 80 -6 0.01 (2.3%)
Hud dragunov svd.png Dragunov SVD Sniper rifle, semi-auto, 1.45x zoom Brownpants/ Unlockable 4 10 80 1 3 0.87 0.9 65 100 -4 0.01 (2.3%)
Hud apr.png APR Sniper rifle, bolt-action, 1.45x zoom, silenced Unlockable/ None 25 5 N/A 1.0 3.0 0.5 0.85 52 80 -9 0
Scarssr.png SCAR-SSR Designated marksman rifle, semi-auto, 1.5x zoom Rare 320 20 120 1 2 1 1.0 48 80 -8 0.0002
Hud vss vintorez.png VSS Vintorez Designated marksman rifle, full-auto, 1.3x zoom, silenced Rare 200 20 300 0.9 3 3 0.8 65 100 -5 0.0002
Hud barrett m107.png Barrett M107 Sniper rifle, semi-auto, body-armor piercing, 1.65x zoom Rare 250 10 60 1 3 0.5 3.01 60 100 -10 0.0001
Hud lahti l39.png Lahti L-39 Sniper rifle, crank-action, high-caliber, explosive rounds, 1.65x zoom Very rare 1000 10 N/A 1 3 0.5 Explosive x5 - - -17 0.000005 (0,00037%)
Hud m79.png M79 Grenade launcher Grenade launcher Unlockable/ Non faction specific 10 1 N/A 0.8 3 0.2 Explosive - - -12 0.002 (0.3%)
Hud mgl.png MGL Flasher Grenade launcher, semi-auto, 1.1x zoom, stun grenades Rare 200 6 75 0.9 4.0 1.0 Stun - - -14 0.0002
Hud milkor mgl.png Milkor MGL Grenade launcher, semi-auto Very rare 650 6 75 1 4.0 1.0 Explosive - - -14 0.00001(0,001%)
Hud xm25.png XM-25 Air-burst grenade launcher, semi-auto, remote detonation, 1.2x zoom Secret crate / None 200 4 33 1 2.3 0.5 Explosive - - -12 0
Hud paw.png PAW-20 Grenade launcher , semi-auto, 1.2x zoom Rare 350 7 42 1 2.8 1.0 Explosive - - -10 0.00005
Hud model29.png 44 Magnum Double-action revolver Rare 80 6 176 0.95 1.0 1.9 1.6 28 40 0 0.002 (0.23%)
Hud musket.png Buckshot Bess Musket Muzzleloader Secret crate / None 600 1 N/A 0.32 3.0 0.2 0.7x20 35 40 -11 0
Hud aa-12 frag.png AA12-Frag Assault Blast Shotgun , full-auto, full magazine reload Gift Box 370 20 200 0.9 0.35 0.85 Explosive - - -10 0 (Found in Gift Boxes)
Hud flamethrower.png Flamethrower Assault Flamethrower , full-auto Gift Box 400 100 1200 1.5 0.1 1.0 Explosive - - -10 0 (Found in Gift Boxes)

Secondary handguns[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Faction Price (RP) Magazine size Fire rate (RPM) Accuracy factor Recoil Recoil recovery Kill probability Accuracy falloff (m) Max range (m) Speed modifier(%) Commonness
Hud beretta m9.png Beretta M9 Pistol, semi-auto, silenced Greenbelts/ Non-unlockable 3 15 214 0.95 0.8 0.65 0.4* 30 35 0 0**
Hud glock17.png Glock 17 Pistol, semi-auto, silenced Graycollars/ Non-unlockable 3 17 200 0.95 0.8 0.70 0.45* 32 38 0 0**
Hud pb.png PB Pistol, semi-auto, silenced Brownpants/ Non-unlockable 3 8 200 0.95 0.5 0.8 0.5* 28.5 38 0 0**
Hud beretta 93r.png Beretta 93R Machine pistol, 3-round burst, silenced Rare / Secret crate 100 15 857 0.95 0.6 1.2 0.5* 26 35 0 0.0014
Hud mk23.png MK23 SOCOM Pistol, silenced, 2-round burst Unlockable/ None 20 12 1000 0.95 0.5 1 0.4 28 38 0 0
Hud desert eagle.png Desert Eagle Pistol, semi-auto Unlockable/ None 10 7 200 1 0.5 0.8 0.7 44 66 0 0
Hud desert eagle gold.png Desert Eagle Gold Pistol, semi-auto Secret crate / None 300 8 200 1 0.5 0.8 0.9 42 62 0 0
Hud uzi mini.png mini UZI Machine pistol, full-auto Greenbelts/ Non-unlockable 3 20 681 0.82 0.32 1.2 0.45 24 36 0 0**
Hud steyr tmp.png Steyr TMP Machine pistol, full-auto Graycollars/ Non-unlockable 3 30 666 0.86 0.3 1.0 0.5 19 33 0 0**
Hud aek 919k.png AEK-919k Machine pistol, full-auto Brownpants/ Non-unlockable 3 30 681 0.85 0.35 1.1 0.46 20 35 0 0**
Hud m712.png M712 Schnellfeuer Machine pistol, full-auto Rare 220 20 909 0.95 0.6 1.6 0.8 19.8 32.4 0 0.0015
Mp7.png MP7 Machine pistol, full-auto, high-velocity Rare 290 40 759 0.92 0.7 2.0 0.55 23 36 0 0.0010
Hud sawn-off shotgun.png Sawn-Off Short double-barreled shotgun, dual triggers Very rare 210 2 285 0.78 2.0 1.5 0.59x10 21.5 30.1 0 0.0005


  • * Keep in mind that if the area is not under alert, the suppressed weapon's probability kill is 1.0, i.e. 100%
  • ** The AIs can't spawn with those weapons, they are only available for the human players!

Secondary Anti-tank weapons/Anti-personnel mines[edit | edit source]

Image Name Faction Price (RP) Damage Blast radius (m) Velocity (m/s) Description
Hud m72law.png M72 LAW Greenbelts/ Unlockable 4 330 4.0 50 Average/all-rounder stock rocket launcher,

-16% movement speed while carrying in hands.

Hud m2 carlgustav.png M2 Carl Gustav Graycollars/ Unlockable 4 360 3.5 60 Highest damage and fastest projectile among stock rocket launchers, but smallest blast area,

1.1x zoom,
-20% movement speed while carrying in hands.

Hud rpg-7.png RPG-7 Brownpants/ Unlockable 3 300 5.0 40 Largest blast area but the lowest damage and slowest projectile among stock rocket launchers,

-18% movement speed while carrying in hands.

Hud smaw.png SMAW Unlockable / None 7 400 3.5 75 Surpasses all stock rocket launchers,

1.5x zoom,
-20% movement speed while carrying in hands.
Unlockable in Campaign/Invasion via briefcases.

Hud javelin.png Javelin Uncommon / None faction specific 10 450 5.0 100 Largest splash area and high-damage with the fastest projectile but travels slowest because it flies at an arc. Not among the stock weapons but can be dropped by the dead AI soldiers,

1.25x zoom,
-20% movement speed while carrying in hands

Hud m202.png M202 flash Rare/ Non faction specific 30 220 x4 4.5 60 Four tubed rocket launcher, fires all rounds at once. Not among the stock weapons but can be dropped by the dead Elite soldiers (Officers).
220 damage per rocket, 1.1x zoom,

-20% movement speed while carrying in hands

Hud claymore.png Claymore Non faction specific 5 10 6.0 N/A Once planted, it detonates only on contact with an enemy soldier/vehicle.

Can be disarmed by knifing it (V by default) and it will disappear.
-40% movement speed while carrying in hands.
Available only at Armory!

Secondary support equipment[edit | edit source]

Image Name Price (RP) Health Points Description
Hud hesco barrier.png Cover deploy 10 495 Provides cover for soldiers. It is also hard to be pushed from light vehicles.

-40% movement speed while carrying in hands.

Hud binoculars.png Binoculars 1 N/A Available in the Armory. Increases the vision range by 55% while used and standing still, zoom 1.55x.

Does not reduce/increase the speed while carrying in hands.
Available only at Armory!

Hud medikit.png Medikit 1 N/A When equipped, keep LMB pressed for a 3 seconds near the wounded soldier and he will be healed.

+6% movement speed while running with it in hands.

Hud wrench small.png Small wrench 3 1 A single use wrench can repair 100 damage on vehicles/structures and deploys. Player can hold 4 at a time.

+6 movement speed while running with it in hands.
Available only at Armory!

Hud wrench.png Large wrench 3 1 A single use wrench can repair 150 damage on vehicles/structures and deploys. Player can hold 4 at a time.

+3 movement speed while running with it in hands.
Only available in Supply quads!

Hud riot shield.png Riot shield 3 1 Blocks incoming bullets. If the shield's carrier being hit by a blast, he will get stunned for 3 seconds and the shield will be destroyed.

-10% movement speed while running with it in hands.

Hud deployable mg.png Stationary MG 70 80 Accuracy factor 0.9, recoil 0.8, recoil recovery 0.8, kill chance 0.5, no reloading required, rotation angle: 90°.

-40% movement speed while carrying in hands.
Available only at Armory!

Hud minigun.png Stationary Minigun 250 80 Accuracy factor 1.0, recoil 0.17, recoil recovery 1.1, kill chance 0.4, no reloading required, rotation angle: 90°.

-40% movement speed while carrying in hands.
Available only at Armory! Also unlockable in Campaign/Invasion via briefcases/cargo trucks.

Hud tow2.png Stationary TOW 250 80 4 seconds reloading time, rotation angle: 120°. 3.5m blast radius, zoom 1.3x.

-40% movement speed while carrying in hands.
Available only at Armory! Also unlockable in Campaign/Invasion via briefcases/cargo trucks.

Hud deployable gl.png Stationary Grenade Launcher 200 Accuracy factor 0.95, recoil 4.0, recoil recovery 1.0, no reloading required.

-40% movement speed while carrying in hands.
Available only at Armory! Also unlockable in Campaign/Invasion via briefcases/cargo trucks.

Hud mortar.png Stationary Mortar 300 80 Rotation angle: 300°, 1.5x zoom.

-50% movement speed while carrying in hands.
Available only at Armory!

Hud tank trap.png Tank trap deploy 5 800 Blocks vehicles paths.

-20% movement speed while carrying in hands.
Only available in Minimodes and Teddy Hunt modes!

Throwables[edit | edit source]

Image Name Price (RP) Damage Effective radius Description
Hud grenade.png Hand grenade 2 101 6.0 Detonates after 3 seconds.
Hud impact grenade.png Impact grenade 2 240 3.0 Detonates immediately on contact.
Hud stun grenade.png Stun grenade 2 - 10.0 Detonates after 3 seconds.

Does no damage to vehicles but stuns infantry.

Hud c4.png C4 20 2400 10.0 Detonated by either clicking it or using the Squad command modifier button (Windows key by default) + grenade key (G by default).

Can be disarmed by knifing it (V by default) and it will remain on the ground.

Hud at mine.png AT mine 5 450 5.0 Detonates in contact with any vehicle.

Can be disarmed by knifing it (V by default) and it will remain on the ground.
Disabled on default nor available in Campaign/Invasion!

Hud flare.png Flare 150 N/A N/A Player paratrooper spawn point.

Active only if there are no enemies nearby!

Armors/Camouflage suits[edit | edit source]

Image Name Price (RP) Amount of shots to destroy Description
Hud vest1.png Vest Type-I 20 2 Available in the Armory. First shot only deals damage to vest, second shot destroys vest and leaves you wounded. Getting knifed will go through the vest and kill the player/AI wearing it with the vest unharmed.
Does not reduce/increase the detectability while worn.
-10% movement speed while worn.

Available for the human players only!
Not available in Invasion/Vanilla campaign!.

Hud vest.png Vest Type-II 40 3 Available in the Armory or by knifing an enemy. First shot only deals damage to vest, second shot knocks you down, third shot destroys vest and leaves you wounded. Getting knifed will go through the vest and will kill the player/AI wearing it with the vest unharmed.
Does not reduce/increase the detectability while worn.
-5% movement speed while worn.
Hud vest3.png Vest Type-III 150 5 Can be obtained by running over/knifing an enemy Elite soldiers (Officers) or may be found in the secret crates on some maps. First two shots only deal damage to vest, second two shots knock you down (at 40% and 20%), last shot destroys the vest and leaves you wounded unless you get hit by an explosive weapon which will kill you instantly. Getting knifed when undamaged will drop the vest to 80% while knocking you down and it will no longer block the enemy's melee attacks.
Does not reduce/increase the detectability while worn.
-8% movement speed while worn.
Hud eod.png EOD armor 80 3 Unlockable in Vanilla campaign/Invasion via briefcases/cargo trucks. Also worn by (EOD) Officers. To bullets resistance it's similar to Vest Type-II but absorbs much more damage caused by explosives without being stunned (like 3 hand grenades).

When undamaged: the first two knife attacks only deal damage to vest (at 80% and 60%) and then it will no longer block the enemy's melee attacks. Carriers are completely invulnerable against stun explosives until 20% durability.
-14% movement speed and +10% detection range while worn.
When destroyed detection range becomes +5%.

Hud blackops.png Black Ops Vest 40 2 Unlockable in Vanilla campaign / Invasion via laptops. First shot only deals damage to vest, second shot destroys it and leaves you wounded. Getting knifed will block the knife but the vest will be damaged.
When undamaged: -8% of lethal hit probability and +2% movement speed while worn.
When damaged: -5% of lethal hit probability and -4% movement speed while worn.
-25% detection range during night time only.

Available for the human players only!

Hud camouflage suit.png Camo suit 20 N/A A suit that does not provide any protection. The carrier of the camouflage suit is harder to be detected by the AIs.

-20% detection range and +4% movement speed while worn.
Available for the human players only!

Others[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Effective radius Description
Naval mine.png Naval mine 3000 8.0 Available at Map 9 (so far). Detonates in contact with Patrol Ships only.

Can not be bought, planted, disarmed or destroyed.

Maps[edit | edit source]

The digital land the soldiers run on is called the Map. Click a picture below to get an overview of that map.

Vanilla game[edit | edit source]

Keepsake Bay
Vigil Island
Railroad Gap
Railroad Gap (map10)
Copehill Down
Frozen Canyon
Iron Enclave
Iron Enclave (map13)
Misty Heights

RWR: PACIFIC[edit | edit source]

Guadalcanal (island1)
Russell Islands
Russell Islands (island2)
Tarawa (island4)
Saipan (island5)
Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima (island6)
Peleliu Airfield

Radio Calls[edit | edit source]

Click through to the full article to see a list of radio callsRadio calls are powerful game elements that can turn the tide of a battle. They have to be used wisely as they can require a significant amount of resource points and can also provide a lot of collateral damage if not timed properly.
Press and hold the radio calls button (H by default) to bring up your radio calls menu. Select a call by clicking on it or by pressing the number right next to the call symbol. Whatever you selected will then be dropped approximately where you had your crosshairs when you pressed the radio calls button.
Keep in mind that every radio call has a delay thus doesn't happen instantly.

You have to be at least Corporal (1000 XP) to get a radio device (will be added automatically to your HUD).

Radio device 0.png
radio device not available

(too low rank)

Radio device 1.png
radio device available

(at least corporal rank)


  • In the campaign (since 0.96) you can't use paratrooper drop calls if the enemy has an anti-air emplacement. It needs to be destroyed first. The structure will remain destroyed forever.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Vehicles will spawn in the same place every time, except special vehicles which spawns in one of several random locations (to avoid predictable matches).

Destroyed vehicles will respawn (reappear undamaged) in their original location (except some special vehicles, which gets a new random location).

You can hijack a vehicle by entering at the driver's door. You will drag him out! Don't forget to stab him, before he stabs you!

Some vehicles allow passengers to shoot from their seats, which allows various weapons to be used on otherwise unarmed vehicles.

Armored vehicles can only be damaged by explosives: mines, grenades, bazookas.

Special vehicles[edit | edit source]

They respawns after a set period of time if destroyed (excluding Supply Quads). All special vehicles are unarmed.

Image Name Description Speed Acceleration Health Points
Armored truck.png Spawn truck A mobile spawn point for the humans players from the same faction.
Total 10 seats - 1 driver, 9 passengers
Cannot be driven independently by the AIs on their own will, except when a real human player has given a command to the driver[1].

Active only if there are no enemies nearby!

20 6 600
Cargo truck.png Cargo truck Appears as a special objective in some maps. Steal it and drive it to some of your stationary faction's Armories for a RP reward and an extra weapons or equipment unlock.
Total 2 seats - 1 driver, 1 passenger
20 6 480
Radar truck.png Comms truck A mobile Radar Tower that provides intel on the map and prevents the enemy from using calls within a 100m radius. When destroyed the AI on the team will be less effective for three minutes.
Total 6 seats - 1 driver, 5 passengers
20 6 600
Mobile armory.png Armory Truck A mobile Armory with a full availability as in stationary Armory. Accessible from the rear.
Total 2 seats - 1 driver, 1 passenger
Cannot be driven independently by the AIs on their own will, except when a real human player has given a command to the driver[2].
16 5 480
Atv supply.png
Supply Quad Small mobile armory with a limited availability. Accessible from the rear.
Provides low passengers protection. Total 1 seats - 1 driver
24 8.5 120

Generic combat vehicles[edit | edit source]

Each faction has equal access to these vehicles.

Image Name Description Armament Speed Acceleration Health Points
Quad Low passenger protection. Passenger sits from the back.
Total 2 seats - 1 driver, 1 passenger
None 28 9.7 120
Buggy.png Buggy Low passenger protection. MG gunner enters from the back.
Total 3 seats - 1 driver, 1 gunner, 1 passenger
1 machine gun turret, 600 RPM 28 7.7 240
Humvee.png Humvee Protects passengers from bullets. MG gunner enters from the back.
Total 5 seats - 1 driver, 1 gunner, 3 passengers
1 machine gun turret, 500 RPM
22 6.6 420
Vulcan.png Vulcan tank Minigun mounted tank equipped with blast projectiles.
Total 6 seats - 1 driver, 1 gunner and 4 passengers
Armed with a fast shooting Minigun cannon. Not very effective against vehicles but very deadly to infantry. 1 minigun 1x3 dmg, projectile blast radius 1m.
10 15 840
Radar tank.png Radar tank Similar to Comms Truck but it's player-only, thus the AIs can not drive it on their own.
Total 6 seats - 1 driver, 1 gunner and 4 passengers
Fast shooting dual cannon. Not very effective against vehicles but very deadly to infantry. 1 dual-cannon turret - 2x3 dmg, 2x200 RPM, projectile blast radius 1m.

Only exists in the „Classic“ mode as replacement to Comms Truck.

8 12 840
Mortar tank.png Mortar tank A mortar equipped tank that provides a moderate protection for soldiers, only the driver is fully protected. Cannoneer enters from the back.
Total 5 seats - 1 driver, 1 cannoneer, 1 gunner and 2 passengers
Forward facing MG with 160 degree firing area. Rear mounted heavy mortar loaded with armor-piercing shells.
9 14 800
Rubber boat.png Rubber boat It's a boat! Passengers can shoot from their seats. Driver sits from the back left. Destroyed when driven on to land.
Total 6 seats - 1 driver, 5 passengers
None 50 10 75
Patrol ship.png Patrol ship Passengers can shoot from their seats. Destroyed when driven on to land. Provides moderate protection for machine-gunners and passengers while driver and cannoneers slots are fully protected.
Total 7 seats - 1 driver, 2 MG gunners, 2 cannoneers and 2 passengers
2 machine gun turrets 500 RPM, 1 dual-cannon turret 2x45 dmg, 2x86 RPM, projectile blast radius 2m. 1 quad-rocket heavy mortar 4x300 dmg, 4x12 RPM, projectile blast radius 4m. (2 passengers)
50 7 1600

Faction unique vehicles[edit | edit source]

Each faction has their own slightly different version of jeep, truck, APC, tank.

Image Class Name Description Armament Speed Acceleration Health Points Faction
Jeep 0.png Light transport vehicle Jeep The fastest land vehicle for the faction but offers no protection. The passengers can shoot from their seats in the angle they are facing.
Total 4 seats - 1 driver, 3 passengers
None 23 6.5 240 Greenbelts
Jeep 1.png Light transport vehicle Pigeon P5 The fastest land vehicle for the faction but offers no protection. The passengers can shoot from their seats in the angle they are facing. Strongest light transport vehicle out of the three.
4 total slots, 1 driver, 3 passengers
None 21 7.2 300 Greycollars
Jeep 2.png Light transport vehicle Urbal UAS The fastest land vehicle for the faction but offers no protection. The passengers can shoot from their seats in the angle they are facing.
Total 4 seats - 1 driver, 3 passengers
None 24 8 240 Brownpants
Transport truck 0.png Troop transport truck Transport truck Transport truck, unarmored truck for troop transport.
Total 10 seats - 1 driver, 9 passengers
None 20 6 480 Greenbelts
Transport truck 1.png Troop transport truck Transport truck Transport truck, unarmored truck for troop transport.
Total 10 seats - 1 driver, 9 passengers
None 20 6 480 Greycollars
Transport truck 2.png Troop transport truck Transport truck Transport truck, unarmored truck for troop transport.
Total 10 seats - 1 driver, 9 passengers
None 20 6 480 Brownpants
Apc 0.png APC SIK-AP Armored Personnel Carrier. Driver enters from front left, gunner from front right, passengers from the back.
Total 8 seats - 1 driver, 1 gunner, 6 passengers
1 auto-cannon turret, 45 dmg, 120 RPM, 90 DPS, projectile blast radius 2m.
20 6.7 720 Greenbelts
Apc 1.png APC GT-C Armored Personel Carrier. Driver enters from front left, gunner from front right, passengers from the back.
Total 6 seats - 1 driver, 1 gunner, 4 passengers
1 auto-cannon turret, 30 dmg, 171 RPM, 86 DPS, projectile blast radius 1.5m.
23 7.3 570 Greycollars
Apc 2.png APC BTX Armored Personel Carrier. Driver enters from front left, gunner from front right, passengers from the back.
Total 8 seats - 1 driver, 1 gunner, 6 passengers
1 auto-cannon turret, 36 dmg, 150 RPM, 90 DPS, projectile blast radius 1.5m.
21 6.4 660 Brownpants
Tank 0.png Tank RWR1a1 Driver enters from the front left, main cannon gunner from the front right, MG gunner from the back. The MG slot provides a moderate protection against bullets while driver and gunner slots are fully protected.
Total 3 seats - 1 driver, 1 cannoneer and 1 MG gunner
1 cannon turret 300 dmg, 15 RPM, 75 DPS , 3.5m projectile blast radius, 1 machine gun turret 500 RPM
13 15 1200 Greenbelts
Tank 1.png Tank Leopold II Driver enters from the front left, main cannon gunner from the front right, MG gunner from the back. The MG slot provides a moderate protection against bullets while driver and gunner slots are fully protected.
Total 3 seats - 1 driver, 1 cannoneer and 1 MG gunner
1 cannon turret 390 dmg, 15 RPM, 97.5 DPS, 3m projectile blast radius, 1 machine gun turret 500 RPM
14 15 1260 Greycollars
Tank 2.png Tank TroX-80 Driver enters from the front left, main cannon gunner from the front right, MG gunner from the back. The MG slot provides a moderate protection against bullets while driver and gunner slots are fully protected.
Total 3 seats - 1 driver, 1 cannoneer and 1 MG gunner
1 cannon turret 330 dmg, 15 RPM, 82.5 DPS, 4m projectile blast radius, 1 machine gun turret 500 RPM
12 15 1350 Brownpants


Line of Sight, Vision[edit | edit source]

See also: Stealth In Running with Rifles, the field of view is different than in most other top-down shooters, as moving the cross-hair towards the edges of your screen increases your view distance in that direction by around 80% (for a default weapon without scope). On the other hand, you will have a sight disadvantage if someone attacks you from the opposite direction. The use of that sight advantage should be kept in mind as it gives you a noticeable advantage over the AI. This is even more important in PvP as the enemy player can also use extended cross-hair moving for early detection. It is not seldom that the player who detects the enemy first will be the winner of the duel.

Also in RWR you don't have a Fog of War so that you can see every enemy that is seen from your point of view, no matter if there is an object between you and the enemy. For the AI it is different, it behaves like it would have a line of sight occlusion, which means that if there is an object between you and the enemy, he won't be able to detect you.

Sight range modifier[edit | edit source]

Depending on the weapon you are using, your extended view might have different values, which makes you see farther if you you use a sniper rifle compared to a conventional weapon without scope.

Here is a comparison between an AK47 (left image) and a SVD with scope (right image) taken from the same location. the AI also takes advantage of sight range modifier

Sight range.jpg || Sight range scope.jpg

Detection range[edit | edit source]

In RWR, your stance has an impact on your visibility. If you are in the line of sight of an enemy, you will be harder to detect if you crouch or even harder if you go prone. Going prone and crouching affects not only detection range but also reaction time of enemy. Going prone has better concealment than crouch has. Distance between your soldier and enemy also affects reaction time of AI enemy. Shooting causes immediate detection against you if you are in dectection range of enemy.

Other factors are the day and night cycle as the overall visibility of the AI is reduced at night. Also, depending if a sector is alerted or not, the AI will have a different detection range. An alert happens when hostiles have been detected in a close distance either by sight or audibly.

Those factors are especially important, when you want to go stealth. A prone soldier with a silencer weapon, at night in a non-alerted location will be the hardest to detect.

Spotting[edit | edit source]

Mousing over enemy vehicles and structures will mark them on the map for your faction. AI can only spot enemy-occupied vehicles, and only once conditions are met for detection. Spotting gives an instant XP and RP reward to a single player. Only human players can make use of this map information.

Mapview[edit | edit source]

Manual keyTab.png will bring you to the map screen. Note that being in the map screen does not stop the action.
Manual MouseWheel.png Scrolling with the mouse wheel will zoom the map to your liking.

The mapview can be called by pressing the TAB key (default value). It gives you important informations about what territory is under your control and what base your commander AI is targeting. It also shows the different accessible spawn, vehicles and resources locations. It also shows the base names and those base are painted in the color of the faction which is under their control.

On the right hand side you have the name of the map (in this case Moorland Trenches) and on top of it a mini map of the worldview, which contains all maps for the campaign and a network which connected them together as you can't move from one map to another if those aren't linked together in the network. With WheelUP, WheelDOWN of your mouse, you can zoom in and out. With the Left Mouse Button keep pressed you can also pan through the mapview (if zoomed in).

Since version 0.96 the soldier repartition is represented by colored clouds. The darker those clouds the more soldiers are on the same location. Enemy clouds can only be seen in sectors in contact with your own one. Squads of your own faction can be seen over the whole map (the picture below is still from the old system where you saw small numbers in each populated square of the grid).


  • Action Markers
Mapview marker attack target.png
Attack Target: this is the main attack objective from the commander AI.
Mapview marker attack start.png
Attack Start: this is where the attacking forces gather up before launching the assault
Mapview marker alert.png
Alert: hostiles has been sighted inside the capture zone
Mapview marker battle alert.png
Battle Alert: hostiles has been sighted

Mapview marker player.png
Player Marker: this is you. In mutliplayer, the marker has different colors for different players.
Mapview spawnpoint.png
Spawn Point: click to spawn there instead of pressing SPACE to spawn automatically.
Mapview marker exit.png
Map Exit: extraction point in campaign to move to the next mission or back to an earlier map

  • Vehicles

Vehicles are shown in red color when those are enemy vehicles that has been spotted. If not spotted, an hostile vehicle will be invisible on the map. After a while a spotted enemy vehicle will become invisible again until it is spotted again. Allies Armored Truck has a spawnpoint attached to the vehicle. So does the Patrol ship and the Flare. If either of those are not near enemy units, you can use them as spawn location by clicking the vehicle. The Armory Truck is similar to the static armory, just mobile and destructible.

Mapview marker jeep.png
Mapview marker transport truck.png
Transport Truck
Mapview marker armored truck.png
Armored Truck
Mapview marker apc.png
Mapview marker humvee.png
Mapview marker tank.png
Mapview marker cargo truck.png
Cargo Truck
Mapview marker armory truck.png
Armory Truck
Mapview marker rubber boat.png
Rubber Boat
Mapview marker patrol ship.png
Patrol Ship
Mapview marker flare.png

  • Radars

Radars are present on some maps and are side mission objectives. They are usually well defended so it's hard to sabotage them, especially the Radar Tower but gives along with a nice RP reward, also a communication slow-down of the enemy, i.e. the mapview markers of the enemy team will become invisible and the commander AI won't start organized assaults anymore until the radar respawns (usually 300 seconds). Also it jams radio communication so that you won't be able to use radio calls in a large perimeter around a radar tower/truck. There is also a radio jamming tower ingame, which is similar to the radar tower but with the difference that it won't affect the commander AI slowdown.

Mapview marker radar truck.png
Radar Truck
Mapview marker radar tower.png
Radar Tower

  • Resources

The stash is always visible on the map, even if it's in hostile territory.
The armory is only visible in your own territory but you can use enemy armories as well. They will only sell you resources that available for your faction

Mapview marker armory.png
Mapview marker stash.png

  • Stationary Weapons
Mapview marker tow.png
Mapview marker minigun.png
Mapview marker mountable mg.png
Mounted MG
Mapview marker mortar.png

  • Mission Objective "vehicles"

Anti-Air Emplacements prevent air-dropped support calls in the area. Destruction gives an instant XP and RP reward to a single player.
Prison Doors and Prison Buses will grant a one-time influx of veteran soldiers upon their destruction.

Mapview marker prison.png
Mapview marker aa.png

Ranks, experience and Scoring[edit | edit source]

Ranks and experience[edit | edit source]


Similar to most RPG, you gain experience while killing enemies. The higher the rank of the enemy, the more XP you gain.

Performing kill combos will also give you an XP boost. Stabbing an enemy gives the most XP, as the XP multiplier is around 250%.

To view your XP/rank, hover over your character. The number at the bottom shows your experience points (XP) and it starts from 0 at the beginning. On the right side is shown your current rank. You gain XP by killing enemies (the XP gain pops up over an enemies dead body). You also lose some XP by getting killed/committing suicide or team killing. You can also check your rank by keeping the F key (by default) pressed and right beyond your soldier your XP and RP is shown.

Your rank will dictate a few things:

  • Capacity of equipment such as grenades, cover elements, medikits, etc.
  • Ability to use certain weapons/equipment that are rank-restricted.
  • Ability to use radio calls
  • Number of maximum squadmates possible (one per 1000 XP, up to a maximum of 10).
  • Ability to take command of vehicles from other squads. When your rank is greater than the rank of a soldier driving a vehicle, you can force the soldier to disembark by getting in the driver's side.

The XP requirements for each rank can be referred in the table below:

XP Rank Radio calls Weapons Equipment Throwables
0 Hud rank0.png
Assault rifles
Riot shield 2 hand/stun grenades
500 Hud rank1.png
Private 1st Class
Silent pistols
Hud hesco barrier.png
Deployable cover
2 impact grenades
1000 Hud rank2.png
Hud mortar1.png
Mortar strike (1x8)
Hud hesco barrier.png
Sandbag drop
Desert Eagle pistol
1 C4
1500 Sniper rifles
Advanced assault rifles (with unlock)
Silent SMGs
L85a2 (with unlock)
Pepperdust shotgun (rare)
1 Claymore mine
2000 Hud rank3.png
Hud paratroopers1.png
4 paratroops
Second bazooka
Deployable machine-gun nest
Deployable minigun-nest
Deployable mortar
3 hand/stun/impact grenades
2 C4 bombs
3000 Hud rank4.png
Staff Sergeant
Hud mortar2.png
Mortar strike (3x8)
Hud rubber boat.png
Boat drop
Hud buggydrop.png
Buggy drop
AA-12 shotgun (rare)
XM-8 assault rifle (rare)
F2000 rifle (rare)
P90 submachinegun (rare)
3 C4 bombs
2 Claymore mines
4000 Hud rank5.png
Staff Sergeant 1st Class
Hud artillery1.png
Artillery strike (2x16)
Hud paratroopers2.png
8 Paratroops
Hud humveedrop.png
Humvee airdrop
Benelli M4 shotgun (rare)
VSS Vintorez sniper rifle (rare)
Neostead 2000 shotgun (rare)
XM-25 Launcher (rare)
Barrett M-107 sniper rifle (rare)
4 hand/stun/impact grenades
1 paratroop flare
1 checkpoint flare
5000 Hud tank.png
Tank airdrop
Deployable TOW missile nest
6000 Hud rank6.png
2nd Lieutenant
2 paratroop flares
3 Claymore mines
2 checkpoint flares
7000 Hud artillery2.png
Artillery strike (10x16)
8000 Hud rank7.png
10,000 Hud rank8.png
2nd deployable TOW missile nest
12,000 Hud rank10.png
14,000 Hud rank9.png
Lieutenant Colonel
20,000 Hud rank11.png
50,000 Hud rank12.png
Brigadier General
100,000 Hud rank13.png
Major General
200,000 Hud rank14.png
Lieutenant General
500,000 Hud rank15.png
1,000,000 Hud rank16.png
General of the Army
10,000,000 Hud rank17.png

Scoring[edit | edit source]

Score is a statistic for online play. It is a simple Kills – Deaths calculation and gives you a general idea of performance. If a server has Persistent Statistics, then your score along with the other stats shown by pressing the F1-key (default) will be saved over multiple matches and logins. None of these statistics have any influence on gameplay.

Resource points[edit | edit source]

RP or "Resource Points" are points you receive during the game while completing different tasks. Those RP can be used to buy different equipments at an armory or to use different radio calls. You can see how much RP you have by keeping the inventory key (Default "F") pressed to call the inventory. It is displayed right below the XP information.

Rp example.jpg

List of things that give you RP:

  • capturing a base
  • spotting an enemy vehicle
  • selling valuables at an armory. Those are dropped with different commonness from the enemy soldiers and have also different values
  • selling rare weapons (those can either be used or sold). Those are either dropped by mini-bosses or found in special crates (metallic boxes)
  • destroying enemy vehicles.
  • destroying mission targets such as comms truck, radar tower, prisoner bus, radio jamming tower, water tower, fuel tanks, mortars, ammunition crates, anti-air emplacement results in a good RP reward
  • Stealing the Cargo Truck of the enemy team and bringing it back to one of your armories
  • being promoted to a higher military rank

Squad control[edit | edit source]

Squad command example.jpg

When your character is of sufficient rank, squadmates will begin to follow you around. Soldiers of lower rank will automatically join your squad.

Members of your squad will have small grey indicators under their feet and will stay within a certain distance of you. By default they will follow you, but clicking the right mouse button (RMB) will order them to specific places. By double clicking RMB you can order squadmates to charge a position without taking cover.

A higher ranked officer nearby may "steal" soldiers from your squad to fill out his own squad. The size of your squad is determined by your XP: you can have one squadmate for every thousand XP, up to ten. Squad size does not correlate with rank.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Manual RMB.png Squad Move Command (double tap for charge*)
Manual keyPgUp.png Increase Squad Capacity
Manual keyPgDn.png Decrease Squad Capacity
Manual keyHome.png Next Squad Layout
Manual keyEnd.png Previous Squad Layout

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Squad members will attempt to enter any vehicle that you enter and will fill as many seats as possible. If, however, you are in the passenger seat of a vehicle and your squadmate is in the driver's seat, you can click RMB to command the driver to drive around the screen.

You can also open up the Map and click RMB on the Map to set waypoints further away. The driver AI will drive there, terribly, often running over other friendly troops.

Pressing PageDown will decrease your squad size. This can be useful when you want to sneak into an enemy base without being spotted, or if you just want to be a lone wolf. Pressing the PageUp key will increase the squad size to the max size a soldier of your rank can support.

Splitting the squad[edit | edit source]

Being the squad leader you can also split the squad into a vehicle sub-squad (which handles the vehicle and the mounted weapons) and a foot squad which will provide infantry support.

You need a modification key (MOD) bound to use these commands. The default is Windows key. Vehicsquad command.png

Example[edit | edit source]

Vehicsquad command example.png
In this example, the player hopped into the APC as gunner. All the squad members jumped into the vehicle as well. The driver seat has the highest priority, then gunner slots, then passengers.

The player first pressed "Windows+spacebar" to make the other sub-squad bail out, which in this case are the backseat soldiers.

Then, they clicked the "right mouse button" on the location where the APC Marker is, which will make the driver move the APC to that marker. Lastly, they clicked "Windows+Right mouse button" at the location where the Squad marker is, and the sub-squad on foot outside the APC will move there.

Squad layout[edit | edit source]

The squad layout represents the kind of soldiers you want in your squad. For example, the "Default Squad" layout will try to pick up first a soldier with a medikit on him and the other squad members are chosen randomly. For detailed information on how to edit config files to make your own kinds of squad, click through to the full article.

Combos and Badges[edit | edit source]

  • Combos are shown when you achieve to kill at least 3 soldiers with max 2 seconds between each kill. The more soldiers you eliminate within that logic, the higher the combo, thus the bonus XP award you receive on top of the XP for killing each soldier individually.
  • Badges are visual overlay images that show you that you did something special, like a kill streak, dying 5 times in a row without killing anyone, teamkilling at least 2 allies with one explosion, dogtag for killing an enemy soldier, etc.

Valuables[edit | edit source]

Valuables are items that soldiers drop randomly on death. Valuables can be sold at the Armory. The most important valuable is the Briefcase, after being sold to the Armory it will unlock a weapon, much like delivering an enemy Cargo Truck to the Armory.

Click to the full article to see a complete list of valuables and their values.

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