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In the Invasion game mode, the ultimate objective is to capture each enemy-controlled map in what is basically a connected series of quick matches. Unique to the Invasion game mode however are side objectives that can give additional RP or unlock unique weapons and equipment to be bought at armories.

Unique Features[edit | edit source]

The Invasion game mode has various unique features that distinguish it from ordinary quick matches

Setup[edit | edit source]

In-game screenshot of the Invasion setup screen

To start an Invasion game, click the "Start new Campaign" button at the menu. Similar to when starting a quick match, you're presented with a set of sliders to change properties that will affect how you earn XP and RP and properties that will affect the AI of the allied and enemy bots.

Property Value (Less Hard) Value (Hard) Description
Fellow Capacity 140% 120% Changes the amount of allied troops that will be spawned
Enemy Capacity 90% 100% Changes the amount of enemy troops that will be spawned
Fellow Accuracy 94% 94% Affects how straight your allies will shoot
Enemy Accuracy 86% 94% Affects how straight your enemies will shoot
Experience Rewards 70% 30% Affects how much XP you will earn from killing enemies
Resource Rewards 120% 100% Affects how much RP you will earn from completing objectives

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Invasion features a set of unique objectives that can be completed throughout the game that can earn RP rewards, as well as make unique items available and boost the strength of your faction.