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The Graycollars are one of the three faction in Running with Rifles who represent the German army. Their color scheme follows a gray pattern.

TEMP NOTE: Some information may be incorrect since i copy-pasted the soldier classes from the greenbelts, feel free to correct some mistakes.

Image Name Description XP range RP range Join player spawn weight
Soldier Greycollars default infantry, drafted in with no special training or really anything (not even common sense). But hey they're willing to fight for their country. 0- 4500 0 or 80-300 YES 1
Elite/Officer Has better equipment and armor from the accursed Ice cream van. Friendly elites are now extinct due to poaching :P 5000-10,000


500 YES 0.5
MEDIC 1 Standard soldiers that always spawn with a medkit. unique to standard airdrops 0-500 0 YES 1-2 per standard paratrooper call
Prisoner A freed prisoner from the prison transport, still in their orange jump suit. Other than that, a standard soldier. 0-4500 0


YES spawns from blown prison buses.
EOD Heavily armored and armed with shotguns, these soldiers are more then a little angry and known for rushing enemy lines with riot shields and pellets. 5000-7,000


500 YES 0.006
Lonewolf sniper Specially trained soldiers armed with an APR/M6 LYNX and ghillie suit. These guys flank and focus on important targets. 5,000-8,000 500 NO 0.01
Combat medic Armed with a taser and high end medkit. These soldiers normally come in via elite paradrops with paratroopers and can also spawn normally. 1,000 -1,500 90 YES 0.002
Paratrooper Armed with an assault SMG (MX4 STORM) and a vest II these are heavily trained troopers. Unique to elite paradrops called by either the players, elites, EODs, or lone wolf snipers. 3,000-3,500 0 YES Three spawned per elite paradrop
Player A unique existence, has abilities that cause envy by the ais such as being able to see further, common sense, and promotion.

Names[edit | edit source]

First names[edit | edit source]

Male[edit | edit source]

Adolf, Alexander, Amadeus, Andre, Andreas, Anton, Arthur, Augustin, Axel, Ben, Benjamin, Benno, Berthold, Christoph, Daniel, David, Didi, Dominik, Eckart, Eggehorst, Elias, Emil, Eric, Eugen, Fabian, Felix, Finn, Florian, Frank, Franz, Friedhelm, Friedolin, Gerd, Guido, Hannes, Hans, Helmut, Henri, Jacob, Jan, Jannik, Jannis, Jason, Jens, Joel, Johannes, Jonas, Jonathan, Joschka, Julian, Jurgen, Kalle, Klaus, Knut, Konstantin, Lennard, Leo, Leon, Linus, Luca, Luis, Lukas, Maik, Mark, Marlon, Max, Maximilian, Michael, Mika, Moritz, Nick, Niclas, Nico, Nils, Noah, Olaf, Patrick, Paul, Peter, Petrus, Philipp, Rafael, Reinhold, Sebastian, Siegbert, Siggy, Simon, Stefan, Stephan, Swen, Tim, Tom, Udo, Uwe, Volker, Walter, Werner, Wilhelm, Willi, Wolfgang

Female[edit | edit source]

Alice, Angela, Anneliese, Anni, Bertha, Brigitte, Brunhilde, Bärbel, Dora, Dörte, Edith, Elfriede, Elke, Ella, Elli, Else, Emma, Erna, Eva, Frida, Gerda, Gertrud, Gisela, Hannelore, Hedwig, Helga, Hilde, Inge, Ingeborg, Jutta, Luise, Margot, Margrit, Maria, Olga, Paula, Renate, Rita, Rosemarie, Sieglinde, Sigrid, Ursula, Uschi, Waltraud

Last names[edit | edit source]

Adam, Bauer, Becker, Bergmann, Beyer, Bohlen, Brandt, Braun, Busch, Donus, Dorsam, Dover, Engel, Feldhaus, Finke, Fischer, Frisch, Fuchs, Fuhrer, Gauditz, Geier, Goethe, Graf, Kampfsau, Gross, Hahn, Hartmann, Heine, Herrmann, Heulsuse, Himmler, Hoffmann, Hofmann, Horn, Huber, Irmer, Jaeger, Jung, Kaiser, Kantholz, Kasper, Keller, Klein, Koch, Kohl, Kohler, Konig, Krause, Kruger, Lang, Lange, Leberwurst, Lehmann, Licht, Lindenmaier, Maier, Mayer, Meier, Merkel, Meyer, Moeller, Mueller, Neubeck, Neumann, Neururer, Panzer, Peters, Pfefferle, Pfeiffer, Pfosten, Pietri, Pinkes, Pohl, Raab, Richter, Sauer, Sauerbraten, Sauerkraut, Schafer, Schmid, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schmitz, Schneider, Schoenrock, Scholz, Schroder, Schulz, Schulze, Schwarz, Seidel, Simmes, Stiller, Trautmann, Voigt, VonHinten, Wagner, Walter, Weber, Weiss, Weizenbier, Werner, Wienerle, Wolf, Wolff, Wurst, Ziegler, Zimmermann, Zuckerberg