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There are currently 3 factions within the game, each with different last/first names and different colors. All factions share the same ranks, however. Their uniforms are coloured differently depending on the faction.

To play, you need to pick one of the 3 factions you want to take part of. Every faction has a specific set of weapons to choose from.

Name Description Used names
The Greenbelts Faction Also known as the American faction. Greenbelts faction army soldiers wear green uniforms. The Greenbelts
faction army is arguably the most common army seen in multiplayer.
English last and first names
The Brownpants Faction Also known as the Russian faction. Brownpants faction army soldiers wear orange-brownish uniforms. Russian last and first names
The Graycollars Faction Also known as the German faction. Graycollars faction army soldiers wear uniforms with gray shades. German last and first names